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There are many aspects that affects your rankings. Backlinks is one of those. After doing enough backlinks you will have to wait about 1 week to 12 weeks to see changes in your ranking. It depends on the competition in your niche, the keywords you choose, the quality of your content. Read more

Simply explained, high quality backlinks are backlinks come from websites with high domain authority (website that is important, well-known, trustful) . The quality of backlink often defined by the metrics of Domain Authority (DA) provided by MOZ. 

The faster keywords ranking you want, the more backlinks you’ll need. But it is very important that you should keep the balance between your domain age, the freshness of your content and the number of your backlinks.

We recommend you doing very good content for you site along with doing social signals. You should share your content to as many social media platforms as you can, and try to get traffic from those shares. This can help you build trust to your site and help your rankings as much as backlinks do.