How long you will get effects on ranking from backlink building

This is an important question as everyone wants their rankings to improve fast. The truth is, a new link doesn’t affect rankings immediately. And there are several reasons for this.

  • Search engines take time to crawl sites that your backlinks are built on. The crawling speed depends a lot on the domain authority, traffics and content quality of those sites.
  • After crawling, search engines’ bots will take time to index those backlinks.
  • When backlinks indexed, it takes time for the search engines to calculate the link juice not only your site but also your competitors. After doing this, they can sort your ranking.
  • We also think that search engines also have limits to how fast a site can rank to prevent manipulating their system.
  • Lastly, search engines cannot let you rank fast because they sell ads, they want those who want to rank fast buy their ads.

So how much time does it take to see effects on rankings?

This question can not be properly answered in a few words. But these insights will give you a general idea of how long does link building take to influence the ranking.

  • The less competition your niche is the faster you see effects on ranking.
  • The less competition your keywords are faster you see improvement in your ranking.
  • The better content you have the more changes you see in the ranking.
  • The lower rank you have the more effect a link has.
  • Backlinks from high Domain Authority (DA) will have a better effect on ranking.

Below is an example of our test of effect on ranking in 2017 to 4 different sites with the same amount of backlink (about 3000 backlinks for 3 tiers).

Sometimes, it takes up to 12 weeks to see the effects but normally 3-5 weeks is our expectation.

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